The most amazing memories in my life have been the birth of my two boys. My boys are the most special gift I have and I just wish I could have captured this most emotional part of my life in images. Despite the birth of my children being the most amazing and emotional experience ever, it is unfortunately somewhat of a blur. I wish I could have frozen the moments and had images to look back on with my partner. The intention of my birth and fresh 48 photography is to capture all the love and emotion in images for you to look back on.

There are so many moments and emotions both during labour, during birth, the first moments holding baby in your arms, watching your husband or partner with their new child and siblings meeting their new brother or sister. The love is instant and the feelings felt are just amazing.

I offer birth photography either at home or in hospital, capturing the events of labour, birth and after in the style you would like. My images are natural and the aim is for me to capture the emotion and miracle unfold from a distance. We will meet a few times before so you can become comfortable with me and to allow you to let me know the main things you would like me to capture and the extent of my involvement throughout the event.

As an alternative, my Fresh 48 sessions still allow me to capture the emotions of becoming a new mum but concentrate only on the time after birth. This session can be after your baby is born in hospital or when you first arrive at home, capturing those first moments meeting siblings or just the bond between parents and baby.

These images really are something to treasure forever and an amazing way to capture and relive the biggest miracle in life.

If you have any questions at all please do get in touch.


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