What have I been up too?

Well what a busy couple of months it’s been! In April I partook in a #meetyourphotographer2019 challenge, where I posted something about myself or my business over 30 days! You guys loved that! So Thankyou for all your comments, shares and likes!

This month I’ve welcomed so many new bundles of joy through my doors, I can hardly believe that in a days time it will be June and we are officially half way through the year!

I also can’t believe that I’m so far booked up in advance, that I don’t have any available spaces until September now! That is so amazing, you all love my work so much that the recommendations just come flooding through!

I’ve already had to start thinking about the dreaded C word……Christmas! As with my diary filling up fast for September and October, that only leaves 2 months for Xmas shoots!

It’s totally mad but I’m so thankful at the same time, that my little passion is now a full time bustling business!

I love collaborating with new, local businesses in Plymouth and this month I’ve got a couple new ones to share with you.


Belle Events are amazing, with flower walls, balloon hearts and baby shower blocks, they have everything you need and more for an event!


Pear Drop Avenue cater for all your stationary needs, with some incredible designs, you’ll be sure to love!

And finally https://www.facebook.com/babyrooltd/ a lovely shop in Plymouth selling a full range of beautiful baby items from clothing to toys, to feeding, to accessories they have it all!

One last thing, I can’t leave without showing you another headband purchase I made this month! I really do need to stop! My obsession is strong! Here they are

Hope you’ve all had a lovely bank holiday and don’t forget to book up as soon as possible for dates before they go!

Little Star Images

More Yummy Mummy Businesses for you to follow Part 2!

Hello again everyone, I’m back with another blog post for you on more amazing mummy businesses that I have the pleasure of working with or knowing, so naturally I want to share them with you! 

Let’s get started with one that’s sure to make you laugh as we have all been there with those awful child moments, that make you wonder what on earth you did to deserve it! Helen at Twins Tantrums and Cold Coffee https://www.facebook.com/twinstantrumsandcoldcoffee/ will make you cry with laughter. She puts up the most hilarious memes and blog posts to get you through the day and make you realise we all go through those ‘moments’ and its totally normal! Well worth a like on facebook! 

Next up we have the two Amy’s who run Myami Hair https://www.facebook.com/www.myami.co.uk/ an amazing place in a lovely location in Torpoint for you to go and relax and have a pamper if you ever get a spare hour or two! The cuts and colours are just divine and you won’t be disappointed! 

This lovely lady Jessica at Belle Events https://www.facebook.com/BellexEvents/?__tn__=HH-R is a BRAND new business, so please make sure you give her a follow! If you ever want to lavish up your event with flower or balloon walls this is your place to go! I mean just look …… 

A woman that I love, who helped destress me and keep me in shape weekly while I was pregnant was Cassie https://www.facebook.com/PilatesWithCassie/ She worked wonders with me and I was so much more flexible even with my bump, as well as leaving the classes feeling utterly relaxed and ready to tackle another week of photos and editing. It was my perfect remedy to unwind while carrying my little human! 

Next up is Kerri at Grace and Glamour https://www.facebook.com/Grace-Glamour-1510888012565467/ my go to for all beauty treatments when I just feel like a pamper hour. Offering Henna Eyebrows and wonderful CND Nails, they are the perfect place to go to for some ‘me time’ knowing you can leave looking fabulous! 

Lastly we have Lois at Forget me not fashion https://www.facebook.com/Forgetmenotfashion1/ this plush little online babywear shop, produces the most adorable rompers. I mean just look at River in her pretty pink romper! Give her a follow and order yours now! 

Finally we all know how stretched money can be when you have children, so if you need any beauty treatments done on a smaller budget then give this lady Danni a follow at Network HQ. https://www.facebook.com/pg/NetworkHeadquarters/about/?ref=page_internal she offers training and supplies too, so is your one stop shop/go to place! What more could you want from a business! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you can share the love with these companies as well as mine. Don’t forget I’m booked so far in advance now for my sessions, be sure to pop me a message as soon as you know your due date, so I can see if its free for you. 

Michelle xoxo 

Businesses I’m loving in 2019!

Well what a great start to the year it’s been, wouldn’t you agree? I said to myself January and 2019 in general, there were going to be lots of changes. I wanted to make sure I made more time for my family, spending quality time with them, but also trying to support as many other small businesses as I can throughout 2019. I am a firm believer that if we are all doing a job we love and supporting each other as much as we can, everyone can reach the point where they are full time self-employed (if that’s your dream, I know its not for everyone) and happy and content with their life and not really having to feel like they are “working” every day.

As you all know I try to buy as many of my outfits, props and accessories from other small handmade businesses and business mums, as much as I can to show them some support. I’ve already built a beautiful collection of headbands, of which I am totally in love with and use on every newborn shoot.

I have also just invested in these adorable felt dogs, I mean who doesn’t love a felted animal! They are produced by my very talented friend and I can’t wait till they arrive in the studio and I can do a mini photoshoot with them and show you all!

Another new investment are these crochet beauties while many people crochet beautiful teddies there is one American company I’ve found that I would love to purchase from, called Cuddle and Kind. The amazing thing about this company is that by purchasing one of the teddies it means you are giving 10 meals to a child. Every meal for the child means they are getting the nutrition they need to face a long school day and may be the only decent meal they receive that day. A very worthy cause as a mother of two boys myself.

If you know of any other small businesses that make beautiful props, outfits or accessories I can use in my studio then please link their pages/insta tags below for me to take a look at. Also any companies that donate some of their profits to charities would be amazing!

As you all know I also love other mums businesses pages that don’t make things I use in my studio and this month I’m loving a few in particular!

Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee


This lady is hilarious and says it like it is, with all those parenting fails, stresses but also lots of useful information about events and businesses in Plymouth. She is defiantly worth a follow and a read of her blog posts, as they will make you laugh.

Another wonderful lady is The Handmade Nursery Company producing the most amazing wooden names and building blocks in any colour you desire for that authentic nursery touch.

Her Facebook link is www.facebook.com/handmadenursery

Next up is another favourite of mine, Totally Loving Crochet By Emma, where my wonderful little Octopi are from! She makes hats, mittens and booties and well as toys and blankets and much more all in fabulous colours.

A shout out to a new business, Belle Events who have just set up an event planning company locally, tailoring to your event needs and hiring needs! Give this wonderful page a like and help spread the word and create bookings!

I’ve been going to Pilates with Cassie classes and these are amazing, but hard work! I recommend to everyone to come and try her classes as you feel SO amazing afterwards! Pilates is fantastic for core strength and toning which is great for us mums!

Also One Fit Mama has fabulous circuit classes that you can bring your little ones along too as well! This is such a fantastic idea for mums who struggle with childcare and finding time to go to the gym!

Let’s spread the word for all small businesses like me and keep up the power of fighting against the big retailers that end up forcing small businesses to close down unnecessarily.

Don’t forget I’m booked up so far in advance this year already that as soon as you know your due date please book In with me to avoid disappointment. Spread the word and remember I also do gift cards which make the perfect gift for baby showers and newborn baby gifts.


Little Star Images


Meet The Maker!

This month I thought I’d do Meet The Maker, it’s a trend on Instagram where you get to know all about me! Let’s hope I’m interesting enough for you all…..so here goes!


What do I do and how long have I been doing it?

I am a photographer who specialises in newborn photography. I have been running my little business for just over three years after a career of 15 years being an accountant!

How did I get into photography?

My dad always loved arty, creative things and loved photography. I used to draw with him and I remember him experimenting with light and his camera and loved seeing his developed images back in the time before digital photography. I have always loved dance, drawing and anything that allowed me to be creative when I was growing up. I was pretty good at maths at school and was one of those children who could do well academically without trying too hard and I fell into a career as an accountant. I climbed the ladder over the 15 years and fell into a well paid career that paid the bills and was hard to escape. Photography became a hobby at first allowing me to escape the numbers and to tap into my creative side.

Did I quit my job or build it up alongside working before It became a full-time role?

At first I would book in weddings, family outdoor shoots etc alongside my accounting role on weekends and evenings until I had too may bookings. The time then came to take the plunge. The best decision I ever made!

What do I enjoy the most about my job?

I just adore babies and find each and every tiny bundle an absolute miracle. No matter how many babies I see, each session I am still totally amazed by the creation of a tiny little perfect human. The best thing about my job is capturing those tiny first weeks that pass by so very quickly, creating a pure, simple, natural images of a beautiful new arrival to the world for family to treasure forever.

What do I enjoy least about my job?

I suppose the least fun part is the washing! As I love to create very natural images, my biggest hate is to see a nappy in a photo. This does mean piles of washing every day. It is worth it though! x

What’s the funniest moment I’ve had in my role?

The funniest moments have involved action shots of baby sick mid air or the explosions these tiny bundles have when they have no nappy on. At one session an adorable little baby boy not only covered mum and dad (an amazing action shot with dad) but at the end of the session decided to cover me too. I was literally soaked and had to go and change! At another session one beautiful tiny baby girl managed to miss me and instead hit my white walls! The joys of being a baby photographer. Thankfully being a mum myself I am very used to it all 🙂

What Camera do I use?

After starting out with a Canon 350d given to me by my lovely daddy, I now shoot with a Canon 6d. I would love to upgrade again in the near future but these cameras really do cost an arm and a leg. I mainly use my 24-70 2.8 lens

What do I use to edit my photos and how long does it typically take?

I edit my photos using photoshop. I first edit camera RAW files then move the images into photoshop to perfect all the tiny details. There is a lot more to newborn photography than just pressing the button. I take a great deal of time creating calm beautiful images and editing a session can take anything from 2-3 hours depending on baby’s skin. We think of babies as having perfect skin but as i photograph in the first tiny weeks, their skin is till getting used to a lot and very often it is blotchy and flaky. I spend a great deal of time removing each little flake, toning down each red mark and adjusting any extreme jaundice that shows up in my natural light.

What’s the best way for me to capture beautiful images as a beginner?

As a beginner, I kept things very simple and this is what I would recommend doing. Even now, my favourite images are the very simple and natural ones. There really is so much beauty in simplicity. Only after a great deal of bespoke training and practice should you move onto the harder poses and posing with props. Safety is the most important thing with little bundles.

What tips would you give to anyone starting a business?

Make sure you do something that you love. Do something that each day you look forward to doing. Even now after photographing hundreds of babies I still smile seeing each editing gallery all ready for parents to see. I feel so proud of my images and I also feel so privileged to have held their tiny bundles and captured such precious memories. I really do think I have the best job in the world. It is important to be prepared for long hours and hard work but it really is rewarding. I have made mistakes along the way and probably still will but I try to grow and learn from them. I am thankful for the continued support from friends, family and clients. I wouldn’t be doing the job I love without all these people x

I hope you have enjoyed learning about why I started my photography business and why it’s my passion! If you enjoyed reading this please be sure to leave me a comment or if you have any other questions I’d be happy to do a round two!!

Michelle xoxo


My Wonderful Testimonials!

This month has been another busy one but I can say with great pride that I’m nearly at the 5000 followers mark! So of course to celebrate the occasion there is another competition for you all, so please keep your eyes open on my page for the announcement. Also please keep sharing my page and recommending my little business to your friends and family to help me grow!

This month I thought I’d share with you just a few of my amazing testimonials from some of my beautiful clients.

“Cannot thank Michelle enough for her hard work and dedication to get such beautiful photos of my little girl! Even when she was a pain and smiled every time the camera was off her got the most amazing photos and have had my newborn and little sitters shoot with her! Also booking in for her 1 year shoot thank you so much!!”

Shanie Kerswill

“Amazing newborn shoot experience, Michelle had so many beautiful outfits it was impossible to choose. Michelle was amazing with my baby girl Izabella. I can’t wait to get our photos, I’m not sure how I’m going to pick. I highly recommend to everyone”
Tia Ebsworth

Amazing!! Made me feel so at ease, everything was so laid back and relaxed. I can’t wait to see my photos I think ill want every single one of them.

Josie Bishop

Amazing newborn shoot experience, studio is welcoming, clean and Michelle had so many beautiful outfits and accessories. Michelle ensured we had the best photos by Patiently waiting 3 hours for our baby to actually go to sleep for them haha! I couldn’t have been happier with our photographs. Needless to say we have just been back for a little sitter session and I am so excited to see how amazing these photos will be! Highly recommended xx

Jade Louise Ellery

And finally this AMAZING review!

“Little Star Images is the gift that keeps giving. The experience from start to finish is first rate and surpassed my expectations. I had been following the social media pages for several months before getting my very own Little Star treatment for the day on 09.05.18. The images are all so natural and perfectly capture each little persons personality. I think it’s the crisp and unfussy style that grabbed me because it makes the baby the focus, whilst allowing the parent to express their own little quirks but the images are not over the top or tacky (which can happen when dressing up is involved but all Michelle’s images are so classy and simple.)

The studio is an Aladdin’s Cave of goodies and honestly I could have spent even longer picking out all the beautiful accessories for the shoot. Michelle has clearly invested in her craft and spent out to ensure she has accessories and props for every type of parent and child. It is so organised and I was like a child in a sweet shop picking all the miniature headbands, tutus, dressing up outfits etc!!! It was such fun selecting all the bits and bobs that represent Bea including the glorious unicorn headpiece, rainbow bracelet and even fresh rainbow flowers that Michelle had brought in from her local flower supplier!!

My husband and I felt so confident and most importantly Bea was comfortable throughout. Michelle is a Baby Wizard!! Watching her pose Bea was mesmerising. It is clear that this is more than a job for Michelle and is a true love. She is so caring, gentle and has such a special way of moving, posing and looking after the babies in her care.

The after care is also superior to many other interactions I have had with other companies. I think it’s because of it being so personal and the utter attention to detail that is no only evident in the gallery of photos but also how the service is presented and concluded.

It was and still is so hard to pick my favourite image because the more I look through my usb of images the more I find details and other things that I find beautiful and have really made for such treasured memories after a difficult journey to the birth of our gorgeous Rainbow Baby. I am thrilled that Michelle got to capture these early moments and we have so so many beautiful images to share and also keep for years to come. She managed to encapsulate everything that Bea and us as a family are and we couldn’t have been happier that Michelle was there.

The session was serene, Michelle is such a warm person, she really goes out of her way to learn everything about the baby she is photographing. I felt so comfortable in her presence and loved watching her work. She was so approachable throughout and what was lovely was that she also allowed us to take a few of our own snaps as she worked (obviously they were nowhere near her impeccable standards!!!) but it was nice to not feel like we were allowed to get involved and also take our own photos as she went along.

This was a five star experience and I cannot recommend Little Star Images enough and would urge all pregnant women to book their shoots in ASAP as it is a wonderful way to spend a few hours with your baby then gave something to treasure forever.”

Amber Goddard

Your reviews mean the world to me and also help promote and grow my business, so if you have written one, I cannot thank you enough. If you haven’t yet could I please ask you to take 5 minutes of your time to review me on Facebook!


Michelle, Little Star Images


My wonderful new office space!

Everyone knows that in order to produce stunning images of your bundles of joy, you must have a wonderful workspace. I have spent a great deal of time over many years to create a wonderful cosy, relaxing studio to welcome your little bundles filled with beautiful props and outfits for you to use. The other side of my job which everyone doesn’t see is my office workspace where I spend hours editing your beautiful images. Well after a lot of nagging, I finally managed to convince hubby to let me renovate the dining room, where I also have my computer desk and have created a lush little space for me to while away the hours in. I’m so pleased with the way it turned out that I thought I would share it with you all!

The crisp, clean white, mixed with the calming grey colour scheme is such a tranquil setting to work from and with my little plant friends it’s very chic! Who else loves an aloe plant and succulents, they are my absolute favourite at the moment!

This new editing space is just divine, I am so in love and will feel so much more relaxed editing all of your pictures here! I mean I have a lot to edit so I literally shall be eating, breathing and sleeping in this space!

We all think of newborns as having such perfect baby soft skin but as I photograph your beautiful bundles at such a young age, their little bodies are getting used to the air here in the big bad world. Their skin takes time to balance and after soaking in water for 9 months, they tend to shed a layer and can be very blotchy. I don’t simply add a filter to my images as I want to keep the natural image I have taken and so i very carefully zoom into each image and individually take away any little red marks, blotches, scratches, flakey skin etc. I also tone down any skin with extreme jaundice and reduce red marks and lines where their nappy has left marks on their skin. I want to create a beautiful, natural image which you can look back on forever and love, knowing that your precious little bundle was sleepy, calm and most importantly comfy and happy in each image you see.

So… there really is a lot more to my sessions than just the part you see in the studio with editing of a newborn session taking me anything from 1-3 hours to perfect. But still I have the BEST job in the world! If you want to book In for a session or know any friends or family expecting a new arrival and wanting to book a session, please do so in advance as I’m already close to being fully booked this year.

I am nearly booked up for that unmentionable time of the year that seems to be ever looming…..you know the one…. Big man in a red suit with a white beard….can I even mention it yet…..Chris****…..oh there it goes! I have already released session times on my Parent Group Page and I think there are just four sessions left so be quick.

If you have been to me before there is no session fee to pay, otherwise the fee is £10 to secure. Package choices as follows:

Two 10×8 prints and three 7×5 prints

STAR £80
Four 10×8 prints and six 7×5 prints

SANTA £100
Online Gallery of all images to download and print as you wish

Finally you’ve got a few days left to enter my competition or to ask any pregnant friends and family to take part on my Facebook Page:- Little Star Images Facebook

To celebrate reaching an amazing 4000 likes on my page, I am running a competition to win a newborn photo shoot with four 10×8 prints of your choice and an amazing goody bag full of mum and baby treats. The goody bag will include lots of lovelies including my photo shoot voucher, a pamper voucher for mum to treat herself with the very lovely Kerri at Grace & Glamour, a beautiful print from Wonder & Rah (i just adore their prints), lots of cute wooden baby teethers and toys and a few more surprises too. To enter head over to my main page …

  1. Like my page
    2. Give this post a like, wow or love
    3. Nominate a friend who you think deserves to win this prize by tagging them in the comments below (baby must be due between August and December this year).
    4. Finally, make sure you share this post and my page.

Winner will be announced on 31st July at 9pm.

Good luck everyone and thank you all so much for your continued support!


And finally, I have to finish with this perfect smile from a recent session. How adorable!!!



Introducing this months beautiful bundles!

People always say they wish they could be in a job that they love, well I am lucky enough to be in one! I work as a photographer and have the ability to be able to pick my children up from school and spend evenings, weekends and holidays with them! Don’t get me wrong it’s very hard work running your own business, knowing you’re responsible for making sure everything’s paid on time and most weekdays I am up through the night editing. But it’s worth it for the sense of accomplishment and time I get to spend with my family.

I get to photograph the most adorable bundles of joy daily, which always brings a smile to my face as well as a massive smile on the face of the parents. I am reminded every single day how precious our little ones are and what a miracle life is. I am going to share some of my favorite images with you from this month starting with baby Lottie.
I just loved all the beautiful tiny additions of colour used in this session. Adorable new squishy bundle Lottie rocked all my beautiful handmade headbands, outfits and hats. Such a cute baby girl. Just perfect…..

Welcome to the world beautiful Elsie! I am so in love with these images from this recent session. Such a wide awake cutie pie but she gave in and fell asleep in the end for some sleepy poses.


Meet little Ronnie… how cute!!! Ronnie was such a superstar at his newborn session and how adorable are these images with one of my little bears from the studio. I loved this shoot.

Don’t forget that my sessions are booking up very quickly, so if you would like a newborn or little sitter shoot please book as far in advance as possible. I really hate to turn away your beautiful new bundles! And please please keep sharing my posts, it really helps my little business so very much. Every single recommendation, comment, like, share and page visit really means so much to me.

Keep your eyes on my page for my next huge competition which is to celebrate reaching over 4000 page likes, its so amazing to think how far I have come in these few years!. I will be giving away a fantastic newborn session package complete with a huge goody bag of baby items.

I also run a parent group where my mini sessions will be offered first and any news on my studio, blog posts and sessions are posted. My Christmas mini sessions will be released in the the next month and spaces will be very limited, running over just two weekends in November. I will offer spaces to existing customers through my parent page first before publishing on my main page.


And if you just love seeing images of all my beautiful new bundle visitors, please follow my instagram where I share lots of images every day…


Hope you have enjoyed seeing some new bundles from this month. Next month on my blog I shall be showing you “A day in the life of myself” with exclusive preview behind the scenes in my little home workspace and office.


Little Star Images

I’m back again but this time with a Charity Blog post for you to enjoy!

Hello everyone it’s me again. Michelle, back with another blog post for you!

I’ve had a very busy few weeks, with the Broody to Baby Event at the Guildhall which was a wonderful success with lots of bookings for newborn shoots! Here was my little set up for the day! I can’t wait for the next one later this year, so look out for lots of posts for this new and upcoming event.

Today’s focus is going to be on my work and passion of charities, I always try and support as many charities as possible, with raffle prizes and donations. The main charity I work with is the Butterfly Wishes Network. The Butterfly Wishes are a charity that bring together photographers like myself to photograph for free, children with life-shortening illness, so parents can have a long lasting memory of their little ones.

This is one of the most heart-breaking, but rewarding charities to work with, as I’m giving them a special gift that they can remember and  look back on forever.

They provide photos shoots for families with children of many illnesses including heart failure, liver failure, HIV/Aids, kidney failure needing dialysis, certain forms of cancer, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and SEVERE cerebral palsy.

If you know a family with a child or children with a severe life limiting condition please do not hesitate to make families aware of the charity. They can then contact either myself or The Butterfly Wishes network direct, to put into action a photography session. Like many things, the organisation is not very well known in the South West and there are so many families who could benefit from this. I am always trying to raise awareness locally here in Plymouth.


The next charity I am going to say a short piece about is the Just Giving site. This site was set up to help people from all walks of life raise money where needed and whilst I’ve donated here and there to worthy people, I was shocked to have a reason much closer to home to donate too. My eldest son is at secondary school, he is just 15 years old, so still very much a child himself, despite what he may think! One of his school friends, a young boy by the name of Jamie who lives in our street, has set up a Just Giving page to raise money for his terminally ill mother. This particularly struck a chord with me, as I couldn’t ever imagine in my wildest dreams leaving my boy at only 15 years old. Here is her awful story told by Jamie…

My mum has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, after beating breast cancer 7 years ago. The cancer has now spread to her liver, lungs, spine and bones. The primary location of the cancer is still being investigated. This means that my mum is still undergoing lots of tests and some of our questions are still to be answered. However, there is a high possibility that she will need to undergo intensive chemotherapy, alongside other treatment.

I have decided to shave all of my hair off (video evidence to follow) to help raise money towards this, alongside other fundraising plans. Myself, my beautiful mum and family would be so grateful for any donations #TeamCoultas.


Please donate anything you can to this wonderful family via this link here….


I have recently donated to another Plymouth based charity, Luna’s Fund, for Luna Valentina Conroy. Luna’s fund stands for Love & Unity for Neonatal’s and Stillborns, of which little Luna was one. Her parents Aimee and Ryan were only 23 years old and documented their beautiful pregnancy via Facebook and Instagram, like many young couples. On the morning of Luna’s birth they were ready and prepared for the home birth and called the midwife as any others would, but after giving birth she was not breathing and was rushed to hospital. It was at the hospital she was pronounced as still born and as if that wasn’t enough of a heartbreaking situation, then came having to explain that their perfectly normal pregnancy hadn’t resulted in bringing home a child to show their friends and family. Through no fault of their own, this tragedy had occurred and they then had to face the heartache of breaking the news to everyone. Aimee decided to document her awful journey in a blog, which got picked up worldwide and resulted in her setting up Luna’s Fund to help other families grieving in the same way.

If you would like to donate please click here:-


Thank you for reading, enjoy your week and please leave any comments for me on topics you’d like me to write about!

Michelle, Little Star Images

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Introducing other Mummy run local businesses!

Introducing other Mummy run local businesses!

Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter and aren’t too full from all those eggs!

It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to you all, so thought I’d give you a little update on what’s been happening, exciting collaborations and new ventures I’m undertaking.

Firstly, here at Little Star Images we have been working closely with a few brands, to make your experience even more special and offer you help and support beyond your newborn shoot! If you would like to see the individual businesses Facebook Pages please click on the image to be taken directly there!

I would like to introduce a few of these businesses run by mums like me, starting with The Handmade Nursery Company a local mum here in Plymouth who makes bunting and name decorations to match all colour schemes and styles of your nursery! These are beautiful creations, completely personal to your little ones and make fantastic additions to their room. Starting from her lounge in 2016, her business flourished and she now sells on Etsy so be sure to check her products out.

Next up is Berry and Blossom, I have been receiving clothes from them for shoots for a while now and they are just adorable, I mean look at this little outfit! If your child would like to be photographed in any of the selections I have, then please just ask while you are attending your newborn shoot and I will happily accommodate you. A free print of your little one in the outfit will be given as well as a unique discount code to be used on their online store.

Now every parent feels like they could do with a more sleep or relaxation time at some point in their day to help them destress, so that is why I had to introduce my next local mum business here in Plymouth, Chilled Cherub Baby Massage and Yoga. This company provides the ideal opportunity to learn how to massage your baby properly and bond with them, thus allowing you to incorporate this into your daily sleep routine. It promotes a longer and deeper sleep for your baby which means more time for you to feel human again! We all know that feeling! So why not take a look at their page and book in with them now and mention us!

Next is our wonderful mummy from Dartmoor, Grace, who created Edie & Ava a company selling baby gyms, using local, natural, organic products, as well as beautiful garlands and accessories. Another fantastic reason to support this local mummy is her generous donations to two charities after her own worrying story. Ava developed Sepsis at just 8 weeks old and spent a week in the High Dependency Unit at Torbay Hospital, fortunately she survived and is now fit and well but for many the outcome isn’t so positive. For every product sold* she will be donating £2 to charity – £1 to the Sepsis Trust and £1 to the Louisa Cary Ward at Torbay Hospital so get onto her website and buy, buy, buy!

Following on from Grace, we have the delightful Queen of Tarts, again another local Plymouth based company, who make soy wax melts and tarts. They have an Etsy based shop and all the wax melts are handmade and poured by themselves, with dupe scents from well know perfume brands, as well as other retails and products. They smell amazing and I shall be including one in my goody bag at a new, local event I will be participating in called Broody to Baby and Beyond, see below for details!

Lastly I would like to introduce the very lovely mum Anouska’s business Think Change Hypnotherapy, a wonderful lady who specialises in Hypnobirthing. What is that you may ask? Well you know all those fears and anxieties you have about giving birth, the pain you will endure etc.? This lady has all that covered with her Hypnobirthing plan, to help alleviate those fears and make your labour a far more relaxing, enjoyable experience.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about my partnerships and if you would like to see some of these fantastic companies including myself then be sure to join us at the Broody to Baby and Beyond Event Sunday 22nd April, 10.30am , at the Guildhall Plymouth.  It looks to be a great event for you to support and talk with your local baby related businesses. It would be fantastic to see lots of you there and to see your growing little ones too. There will be interactive activities, a sleep expert talk, my own little goody bags and great offers too for any of you lovely ladies visiting with your beautiful bumps! Hope to see you there!

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My newborn sessions

Ok so I had planned to update my blog more regularly but being a mum to two boys alongside running my photography business has taken up a little more time than I had expected…

It has been super busy here at my little studio and I am now photographing at least 5 newborns a week as well as the occasional cake smash and outdoor shoot! I just love my job and I am always overwhelmed by all the lovely feedback and clients who are choosing me because they just love my images. It makes me so very happy and proud!

I am going to try to blog a little more often and I thought that it would be good to blog today with a little more info on my newborn sessions…

My newborn sessions are designed to capture those first tiny moments which pass us by so quickly. Having two children myself I understand how special a new arrival is and how precious our little bundles are. Time really does fly by and it seems like yesterday that my now handsome almost 15 year old was handed to me in the delivery room and looked up at me for the first time. Even my youngest Henry who is now heading for three is growing far too fast.
A new arrival really is the best feeling in the world and I just love to capture these precious first moments in a beautiful and creative way for my clients. I like to think that people can now see that my images have a style to them. It has taken some time for me to develop my style and I now think I have found what I love. My images are very pure, simple and natural. I don’t like fussy backgrounds and cluttered images. I love the pureness of babies and that is what I love my images to stand for. I love to add a small item, a colourful wrap, a hat, headband or a simple prop but I don’t like to take away from the all important part of the image… your beautiful new bundle. It is a very personal thing to choose a photographer for your newborn shoots the same as it is for your wedding or family photos. I fully appreciate that everyone has their own tastes. We all have a style that we like and a style that captures our attention and I love that people now come to me for photos because they love the simple pureness of my images and share with me the love of the images I create.

Some people may think photographing babies is very easy as all they do is sleep but those who have been to my sessions will agree that is not the case. Yes we have some miracle babies who turn up asleep, all done in an hour and leave asleep but believe me, this is very very rare. My newborn sessions take a lot of time and patience but the final result is so worth it. After my sessions I take many hours editing your little bundles to ensure you have the perfect images. We all think new babies have perfectly flawless skin but in these early days that is rarely the case. Quite often babies will have flaky skin, milk spots, jaundice, little scratches where they have caught their little faces with their nails and maybe red patches from birth. Unless parents request these things to be kept in images, I will take a lot of time to remove these non permanent marks from your images.
My home studio is warm and cosy and a peaceful relaxing environment for you and your new baby.

I have photographed hundreds of beautiful little bundles, I am first aid trained and I have undertaken various baby posing training courses so you can rest assured your precious bundle is in safe hands. I am booked in to train with some truly amazing newborn photographers over the next 9 months such as Kelly Brown and Ana Brandt so I hope to be able to perfect even more amazing poses to show off you beautiful bundles.

My newborn sessions are best in baby’s first 4 to 14 days when babies are super sleepy and easier to pose. At this early stage they will naturally still curl their little legs up on their chests and will fall quicker into a deep sleep. I can photograph a bit later if circumstances do not allow the earlier photos and have actually managed some newborn poses up to 9 weeks with some very cute squishy bundles. My sessions can be booked anytime after your first scan and I try to leave sessions free for last minute arrivals. If baby arrives a lot sooner or later than expected I always leave spaces to reschedule as I know that our little bundles arrive when they are ready. Parents are welcome to bring along anything personal that they would like included in the session or any props, clothing or special items which represent you or are meaningful to you.

At the start of my session we will go through my large selection of handmade outfits and props so I can ensure the images I capture are perfect for you. I really do have a huge range of unique handmade outfits in all different sizes, beautiful hats, headbands, costumes, colourful swaddle wraps, baskets, bowls, you name it, I have it! My prop collection is ever growing with a slight addiction to newborn headbands with nearly one hundred to choose from. I photograph a variety of poses and outfits including images on the beanbag, swaddled images and basket set up and am open to any suggestions or ideas you may have already too. During your session I also offer the opportunity for family and/ or sibling images too. This is entirely up to you but I really do love capturing the bond between new parents and baby, it is just so beautiful. Tiny bundles with little hands and toes look so cute held in mum or dads hands and arms or cuddled up with older siblings. Most mums are not too keen to have photos taken so soon after giving birth and I am totally sympathetic to this. There is a reason I am behind the camera as I hate having my own photograph taken! Despite this, the parents I manage to convince to have photos usually do absolutely love them. I don’t capture full length poses with baby lost in parents arms, instead I focus on hands, face and baby. My black and white images on a black background have lots of flattering shadows and I light just the areas of importance. I think these images really do look stunning and are quite timeless. They have a wonderful contrast particularly when dads have tattoos against the pureness of babies.

My sessions tend to last around 2-3 hours but there will be no rush or time limit. I like to make sure both parents and baby are as relaxed as possible and that you do not feel rushed in order to get the most from the session. I like my session to be a lovely experience for parents to look back on and also a relaxed environment makes for a relaxed baby.
I do not use flash photography and instead use a constant light source and natural light when possible to ensure baby is kept as settled and relaxed as possible. We will stop for feeds and cuddles as and when needed and I do my best to make the whole experience as relaxed and memorable as possible for you. It does get very warm in my little studio while we keep your bundles comfy and cosy so it is best to wear loose comfortable clothing and bring along refreshments too if you wish. Even in the summer I still use a hot water bottle to keep blankets nice and warm whilst your bundles are undressed and being posed

After your session, I edit the best 30-40 images and have an online gallery emailed over to you for viewing within approximately two weeks. You can view your watermarked images individually or as a slideshow to music if preferred.
You can then take your time to look over your images at home with family too if you wish before deciding which products you would like to purchase. I am on hand should you have any questions at all. When my eldest son was first born I went to a large photo studio for his photos and the experience was not a good one. I aim to make your experience totally the opposite to that which I had experienced. I felt uncomfortable from entering the studio right through to being invited back to choose my products. It was very rushed and I felt pushed to make decisions right there and then, ordering products I couldn’t afford at the time and not being able to offer family the chance to view too. I like to do things very differently with my sessions and I love my clients to be able to view their images comfortably at home and to be able to share with family too. Despite this I am happy to view images with you and advise on products if I am asked.

There is a famous quote… ‘to be successful, the first thing you have to do is fall in love with your work’ – Sister Mary Lauretta

I REALLY do LOVE my job and I just love the wonderful reactions my parents have when they see my images. It makes me so so happy!

I look forward to meeting your precious new arrivals and capturing images of their first tiny moments. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.




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